Costco Credit Card

Trying to figure out where to apply for the Costco Credit Card can be kind of hard to do. This is something that many people have had a hard time to find lately. The problem is, when you are taken to an American Express Card link that is because there actually isn't a Costco Credit Card anymore. Yes, we know there used to be a Costco Credit Card that had the MasterCard logo. Unfortunately, there aren't any ways of getting your hands on that card anymore. Since Costco has an exclusive deal with American Express, we suppose that this is the reason they will refer you over to the American Express link for a card.

Since they are referring us all over to the American Express for a card we will go ahead and break down the credentials and give our review on the card and this whole situation. One thing you should note is that the link we are providing here is the same as the one they will send you to from Costco site. This is important to note because if you just applied for a regular American Express without using their link you aren't going to get the same results. When you go to the link we provide, you will see that it even asks for your Costco number which will be connected to your American Express that they will issue to you. We really have no other idea why they would make their process this complicated but we want to make sure to make it clear for everyone here.


There are so many awesome deals offered if you go with the Costco Credit Card now. You will first of all get cash back incentives on everything that you purchase with your card. The way they will pay their cash back rewards is annually. This actually happens to be a really great way to receive a really nice sum depending on your spending for the previous year of use on your card. They provide 3% cash back on the first $4,000 charged using your Costco Credit Card for the year, which is a minimum of $120 alone right there. We aren't going to even try to break down the 2% savings you get for the restaurants and travel expenses paid for using that card in a year. We also are going to let you figure out the other 1% you will receive on purchases that are everywhere else including at Costco using the Costco Credit Card.

There are really a lot of ways to save and get so much out of this new type of Costco Credit Card. Once you can get over the fact that their process is sending you to actually apply for American Express, you will find that the new Costco Credit Card really isn't half bad. There are so many other bonus features to this card that they are just too many to try to name. After all, we always encourage you to view their application and terms for yourself. When you check things out for yourself, you are always going to spot some things that apply specifically to you that perhaps nobody else would think to notice.